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Jun 28, 2008

Stirring send-off to ‘Sam Bahadur’

Hero of Bangladesh war was a
great motivator; stood up to political pressure .Army Chief: The War of 1971.Field Marshal Sam FJH Manekshaw preferred calling himself Sam ‘Bahadur’ Manekshaw as a mark of respect and reverence towards the bravest of the brave Gorkhali soldiers, who served the nation along with him; he himself belonged to 1/8 Gorkha Rifles. His reverence towards the Gorkha soldiers can be understood in one of his famous quotes… “Every one is afraid of something… I am afraid of two women in my life, my mother and the Prime Minister (then Indira Gandhi)… if any one says he is not afraid of anything, either he is lying or he is a Gorkha”. “The bravest of the best”…. “India’s finest”…. “The ultimate soldier”… various epithet have been used by people who have been associated with these brave hearts, people who understand what it means to risk your life for your country every living moment of your life… Army General’s, Defence analysts, Military top-brass, all swear by the Gorkhali solders and treat them with utmost respect and veneration.



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