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Oct 5, 2009

Preeti at Satyani jewels showcase Bollywood Event Sexy Photo

Satyani ‘s launch “Inde-Discovering India”
The latest festive Jewellery collection
Satyani jewellers bring to us its latest collection of diamond jewellery. The inspiration for the new collection is anything modern with a touch of tradition, elegance and sophistication. Satyani’s have built itself a reputation of bringing innovative designs that suit the needs of Indian women. Their jewellery is crafted beautifully with interspersion of diamonds and coloured stones, and is an ode to the ecstatic beauty in every woman.
The afternoon started while guests enjoying a great spread of Indian & Chinese cuisine and cocktails over brunch, while admiring Satyani’s latest collection, named “Inde-Discovering India”. Models wearing the exquisite jewel pieces by Satyani walked around a center table which was beautifully decorated. The guests had a great time admiring and trying the timeless pieces.
Guests included Parveen Dabbas, Preeti Jhiangani, Rupa Fabiani, Aparna Swarup Punjabi, Sitakshi and Bharat Khanna among others.
According to Shravan Satyani, proprietor, “At Satyani’s, we make every effort to understand what the customer wants. I feel that our customers will find the perfect balance between modern and classic pieces through our festive collection being launched today.”
About the festive & bridal Collection
Satyani’s present “inde-discovering india" - a collection designed to appeal to all the trendy women of modern India. In this collection, they have played with a variety of colours and textures of gold along with a combination of diamonds. Each piece has been intricately designed with an antique element to enhance the jewel. Immense attention has been paid to the detailing and balance between the various colours of diamonds used. This collection is bound to make an impact on a much larger audience as it has the perfect balance between modern and classic.

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